And So I’ve Let You Go: A Poem

Because of some crazy posting that will be happening in the next few weeks, today's post is a small poem that hopefully you'll enjoy! Before I share it though, I'd like to say that the editing for Rose's Wrath is just about complete! A few tweaks here and there, but besides that, we're good to… Continue reading And So I’ve Let You Go: A Poem


The Art of Letting Go: A Poem

Hey all! Happy New Year! December was a crazy month for me, from Christmas, to birthdays, to my entire family getting sick (not fun)! But I'm back to posting, and today I have a special treat! No, the title doesn't give it away at ALL. It's definitely not a poem. Okay, so maybe it is!… Continue reading The Art of Letting Go: A Poem

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Poem Plus Cover Reveal Date!

Do not steal or copy. Created by Oceane McAllister. Hey all! I'm extremely excited to share that a cover reveal will be coming your way soon! Crown of Roses' publication keeps drawing nearer, and I'm beyond thrilled! *cue squeals* Okay, so I know that if you're reading this, you're at least mildly interested in the… Continue reading Poem Plus Cover Reveal Date!


In My Dreams: A Poem

It has been quite awhile since I last posted a poem! So, it seems like a good time to introduce a new one titled In My Dreams. This specific poem is mostly about wistfulness. A wistfulness for memories I'll never get to enjoy, of a person I won't ever be, of a life I'd love… Continue reading In My Dreams: A Poem



I never know if I should be happy or saddened when someone says my poetry is relatable. It makes me glad that it resonates with them, but also sad that other people have gone through the same stuff. Feelings aside, I've noticed that poetry brings people together -- writing in general does, honestly. It's wonderful… Continue reading Fragmented


She Fights It

It's surprising how people can actually enjoy poetry that often doesn't have structure or a clear meaning. I've often wondered why that kind of writing sparks interest in others, and I think I finally understand. Our hidden thoughts, well, they're not structured and not often do they have clear meaning. Our thoughts aren't thought out,… Continue reading She Fights It