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Rose’s Wrath (Rose’s War Book #1)

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Rose’s Wrath is a fantasy novel/fairytale retelling set in the world of Atulau. It follows the point of view of four women: Cerise, Verre, Blanca, and Aura. It is available for purchase on Amazon. You can also add it on Goodreads.


Have you ever heard Red Riding Hood howl at the moon?

When Cerise, Verre, Blanca, and Aura are forced to complete a near impossible task, it seems as if their loved ones’ lives are as good as over.

Or seen Cinderella kill a man with just a shard of glass?

And despite meeting a dragon, internal disputes, and the fact that they’re all most likely going to die, the young women grow close. Too close.

Snow White has vanquished more with her poisoned breath than her beauty.

For secrets will come to light that have the power to change everything. There is a traitor in their midst, one who could potentially save or destroy them.

And Sleeping Beauty? She will bring slumber with but a touch of her hand.

Rose’s War Book #2

(More information will be disclosed at a later date)

Rose’s Ruin (Rose’s War Book #0.5)

(The prequel to the Rose’s War duology. More information will be disclosed at a later date)

Faction: Uprising

Mock cover. Do not steal or copy.

Faction: Uprising was my first “real” novel. The first draft is complete, but it needs a lot of work. Still, it has a special place in my heart.


What would you risk for freedom?

Ember has it all. Intelligence, a coveted job, a high rank in the system. According to the communities, she is one of the elite.

But the communities aren’t the perfect utopia, and Ember isn’t the perfect citizen.

When the laws of the communities cross her new-found morals, Ember must make a choice. Will she give up her freedom for her reputation? Or will she risk it all for a life she’s never had?

Freedom seems within grasp, but she has no idea the price she will pay for it.

Of Sails and Souls

OSAS is my current WIP and probably one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written! I hope to pursue traditional publishing with this one, but we shall see!


“Accidental immortality was something Nalu Ka’ino never asked for, but appreciated. Realizing she was half-Siren was surprising, but made sense. Incurring the wrath of the gods? Well, that had been expected.”

When the gods of Olacheia get angry with Nalu for being unable to enter the underworld, they begin to tear apart their very world in their conquest to make sure Nalu actually dies.

It’s not her fault that Sirens don’t have souls, but now it’s up to her to put together a crew and stop the temperamental gods before they destroy everything and she’s left to argue with them for all eternity, or before they finally find a way to kill her permanently.

It’s time for the blue-haired bandit to save the world and die multiple times trying.