About Me


Oceane McAllister is a Christian writer with an odd obsession for olives, the ocean, and thunderstorms. She prefers the night to day, black and grey to any other color, and hates love triangles with a passion.

She first began writing at the age of six when she discovered that she could dictate her story ideas to her mother, who would then, in turn, type them out onto the computer and print them out. Since then, she has figured out how to use the computer on her own and hasn’t looked back.

While most of her original stories were majorly flawed, Oceane has developed a writing style that chooses to stay original above all else and to provide numerous plot twists that are sure to delight. Though still inexperienced, she is determined to improve her gift and make her writing goal–publication–a reality.

Her debut novel, Rose’s Wrath, will be available on Amazon sometime in 2020.

Oceane lives at home with her parents, seven, crazy, younger siblings, a dog, and her own cat, Leia. She loves living in New England, as she finds all seasons delightful in their own way and enjoys being able to experience each and every one.

You can find her on Wattpad, Instagram, or Goodreads.