About Me

hey there!

I go by Oceane round here and I’m so excited that you stumbled upon my small corner of bookish blogging! A few things about me: I’m a lover of all things fantasy & science-fiction. Give me your intricate, beautiful worlds and I’ll devour them! I also am a lover of all things water–rain, thunder storms, the ocean… It helps to live just minutes from the water and I savor it every chance I get.

I currently live in beautiful New England with my wonderful husband in our little house in the woods. My desire has always been to bring clean, quality fiction to the YA and NA world of reading. As a Christian, I believe it’s important to equip our readers with literature that they can enjoy reading while not having to worry about many of the overtly graphic and/or politicized themes that are common in today’s books.

I’m a rather busy woman so there might be periods of time where you don’t see any new posts, but never fear–I always return. In the meantime, you can find my (very inactive) social media account on Instagram or my books on Amazon!

Cheers, friends. I hope you stick around!