Hello, lovely readers!

I’m back with another poem (I’m surprised these are so popular!) which is always exciting. I truly love to share my poetry and I’m glad you guys seem to be enjoying it!

Today’s poem is inspired by a blurry photo I took of passing lights during a late night drive. From there, only my crazy brain could explain how I got from that image to this poem, so hopefully you enjoy!


I’d rather be unfocused. A blur of brilliance you can’t help but wonder about.

A shadow of something grand, gone before you can speak a word.

I want you to take a second glance, because the first wasn’t quite enough.

Adjust the lens, blink twice–I don’t care how you care to put it.

If being unfocused is what it takes to get a second glance, then let me blur apart at the edges of your heart.

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