Poetry | I Don’t Know How to Be Alone

Hello, wonderful readers!

I know, I know, I post far more poetry than book-related things. Poetry just happens to be something I like to share often and also what’s often easiest for a full-time college student. But anyway… today’s poem, “I Don’t Know How to Be Alone” stems from the idea that maybe loneliness is actually at the root of all our fears; that maybe, if we look hard enough, we’d realize that it’s not the dark we fear, but rather who isn’t there with us.

I Don’t Know How to Be Alone

I’m not afraid of the dark

I’m afraid of finding only echoes to my calls

I’m not afraid of soaring heights

But I’m afraid that I won’t be caught when I fall

I’m not afraid of death

I’m afraid of fighting it with none by my side

I’m not afraid of drowning

I’m afraid of being lost in an ebbing tide

I’m just simply terribly afraid of being alone

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