Box of Memories

Good morning, lovely readers!

I’m back with a poem titled Box of Memories today. I’m moving out in a week, and so I’ve been sorting through my things and packing up. As I went, I got hit with the nostalgia of my childhood. I’ve kept little bits and pieces of my writing through the years, all the way back to when I was six! As I boxed it all away, I was inspired to write about it. Hope you enjoy!

Box of Memories

Papers scattered about

Hasty scribblings of my past

Stories of lofty castles

Loves never meant to last

A story here of a beautiful girl

There, of a broken child

My dreams and memories a mix

Of the lovely and the wild

Like the rising of the tide

And the sway of the trees

Constant, yet ever-changing

My box of memories

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