Poetry | Cursed to Love

Hello, readers! Cursed to Love is one of my most raw, personal poems I’ve written. It tells the story of loving someone and yet, it isn’t enough to make them stay. It’s about wondering if love is even enough, or if perhaps you just don’t know how to love properly. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, let me know if I should post more poetry in the future. Happy reading!

Cursed to Love

There’s a subtle ache in my bones

Winding through my veins

Digging through my heart

It escapes in the tears that run down my face in the dark

And I hate it

For with it comes a sadness I can’t hope to bear

A pain both sharp and dull all at once

Both the hammer and the blade, ruining my heart with but a single blow

And I truly hate it

And myself

For ever having been weak enough to love

Or perhaps I was strong

Just not strong enough

Because to love means to break

And how I hate being broken

Because now I am bleeding out of my agony

I am scraping myself raw with the pain you left me

And that love that once filled me

Overflowing and joyous–a fountain of youth, if you will

It has turned sour

Poison to my blood

Poison to my soul

And now I am drowning in it

Perhaps I was too strong for all the love I hold

Or simply not strong enough

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