Love is Infinite

Hello, lovely readers!

I’m back today with a poem called Love is Infinite. It has to deal with the idea of why letting go of people we love can be so hard, and it’s rather special to me. Hope you enjoy!

Love is Infinite

Love does not end. Love never dies.

You can try to destroy it, but it always survives.

Even when someone has broken your heart

Even when relationships fall apart

Love continues onward, ever bright

If only to show the difference of dark and light

It may fade into a whisper, never to be seen

But still it remains, lost in the in-between

Perhaps this is why hearts break so fast

Because all the old love it holds still lasts

Lost in the cracks of our fragile souls

Tears still there though the door is long closed

And so perhaps it is good that love is infinite

For it is truly powerful–lovely and intimate

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