Poetry | dear [insert]

Hello, everyone!

*glances at the date of last post*

Ermm… So, it’s been a while.


Okay, so maybe a long while.

But this little blog of mine has always remained in the back of my thoughts and I always knew I’d come back to write again. So, we’re starting off slow & easy with some poetry I’ve written while I was away. I’m still writing these days. It just looks a little different now. More journal entries and half-written poems as my mind stays preoccupied with things like fully moving into my new little house & finishing a Bachelor’s degree that feels like it’s taking way too long. But, I digress. Maybe I’ll post a catch-up post soon to share all the exciting new things in my life. But for now, a poem. Hope to write to you all again soon!

Dear [Insert]

To all the late night ponderings

Scribbles and fragments

Of thoughts half-formed

To the midnight agony

And twilight tears

That bled themselves into the words I wrote

To the pain

To the sorrow

To the aching loneliness

I tried to fill with these poetic lines

I just want you to know

That I’m happy now

I know spoilers aren’t our thing

But we make it in the end


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