The Art of Letting Go: A Poem

Hey all!

Happy New Year!

December was a crazy month for me, from Christmas, to birthdays, to my entire family getting sick (not fun)! But I’m back to posting, and today I have a special treat!

No, the title doesn’t give it away at ALL. It’s definitely not a poem.

Okay, so maybe it is!

Today’s post is going to be a recent poem written by me, called The Art of Letting Go. In recent months, I’ve really been learning to let certain things in my life go. I am the sort of person to hold onto things too tightly, for fear of who I’ll be without them.

I hate admitting that to myself, since it makes me feel clingy and weak. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s being weak. Because of this, part of my New Year’s resolution this year is learning to accept, to forgive, and to let go. And to be honest, while hard at times, it has been so fulfilling. It brings a peace to my life that I haven’t had in a while.

God is working in my life daily, gently reminding me, that sometimes things change, but that I am not missing out on anything by following his plan for me. And that sometimes, through submitting to him and learning to let go, it can also be painful.

Because no matter what people say: Letting go is not easy.

Letting go of people, habits, sin, ideals… it’s extremely tough. But oh, so rewarding!

So if you’re like me in this new year (new decade!) and struggling to find peace in the changes happening in your life (whether of your own accord or outside forces), know that you’re not alone, and that no matter what, you can find peace and joy even in the midst of the pain and chaos.

The Art of Letting Go

I’m learning that every breath matters, despite the pain

I’m learning to dance, even in the midst of clouds and rain

Because sometimes to find the peace, you must battle the storm

And sometimes in order to let go, scars must form

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