Poetry | icarus fell in love with the sun

Hello, dear readers!

I’m back with more poetry, if you couldn’t tell. I really love this poem, as the thought of Icarus being in love with the sun I think shows a side of love and relationships that happen too often. Icarus represents someone in love with someone who they think will complete them. Ignoring all the warning signs, they continue to pursue it, until they are burnt and start to fall. They end up in a place that is the farthest thing from what they love, because to remember that person is too painful. After reading it, though, if you have another possible meaning, I’d love to hear it! I think poetry is so beautiful in the way that it allows us to find so many different meanings from just one thing.

icarus fell in love with the sun

Everyone says Icarus fell

But I do not think that is all true

I think Icarus fell in love with the sun

With its warming rays

That coaxed the darkness from his bones

And poured light into his veins

But as Icarus flew

Higher and higher

Reaching out for a lover far too dangerous

For his hollow bones

Love is a deadly thing

And the sun is never gentle

So when Icarus flew

He also burnt

The warning rays now whips of fire

Tearing along his sides

The light in his veins

Now an inferno in his blood

Icarus fell in love with the sun

But love is a deadly thing

And so Icarus fell into the icy water below

That reminded him of nothing of the sun

Because love is a deadly thing

And flying has a way of making one fall

Into the danger below

Because love unrequited

Might be the most dangerous of all

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