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Rose’s Wrath is Here! Plus a Blog Tour

Yup, that's right! Rose's Wrath is officially (and finally) published! Eeekk!!! Only the eBook version is available right now, but the paperback will be ready next Friday! There's also a blog tour running from now until April 4th AND a giveaway that will be on Instagram soon! The run-down of the blog tour is as… Continue reading Rose’s Wrath is Here! Plus a Blog Tour

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Rose’s Wrath: Chapter One

It's release month! Yay! I can't believe there will be physical copies of Rose's Wrath available in just twenty something days! *gasps* In the meantime, I'll be sharing the first chapter with you all! Hopefully it gets you interested in reading the whole thing! *** The scent of blood filled Cerise‚Äôs nostrils, flooding her with… Continue reading Rose’s Wrath: Chapter One

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Novella Announcement!

Hello all! I'm excited to share some news with you all today, and that is that there will be a novella in the Rose's War series! As of now, there has just been Rose's Wrath and the unnamed sequel, but I'm including a novella from Pan's POV! When I first started writing Rose's Wrath, I… Continue reading Novella Announcement!

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Publishing Frustrations and Extended Dates

As most of you know, Rose's Wrath was supposed to be published yesterday. Few of you know that is not published. Let me explain why. When I first wrote Rose's Wrath in November of 2018, I had every hope of publishing it--I still do. After numerous edits, Beta readers, editors, proofreaders, etc, I felt rather… Continue reading Publishing Frustrations and Extended Dates

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Rose’s Wrath Cover Reveal!

It's the big day! Today I am FINALLY sharing the official cover for Rose's Wrath! Whoo! This novel has been a long time coming and the amount of editing I've done or hired others to do has seemed endless at times. But the publication date is fast-approaching and soon Rose's Wrath will be available to… Continue reading Rose’s Wrath Cover Reveal!

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Editor Time! Plus a Second Cover Reveal? And Title Reveal?

Guess what? I FINALLY finished editing Rose's Wrath! First, that means I can send it to a professional editor and have them fine-tune the novel for me. While I think I've found one, I'm most definitely open to other affordable editors you might know! So feel free to leave a comment. Second, you may be… Continue reading Editor Time! Plus a Second Cover Reveal? And Title Reveal?