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Writing | NaNoWriMo 2020

Hello, wonderful readers!

I’m breaking my once-a-week posting schedule to bring you my NaNoWriMo project of 2020!

Now, I went though a bunch of my WIPs (yes, there are a LOT) to find the one I was most passionate about to write. I ended up with two. So yes, I will be doing two projects (though one is only around 10K)

Are you ready to hear what they are?

You sure?

Well, drumroll, please!

First is my favorite story that I’m currently writing, my novel Of Sails and Souls!

Of Sails and Souls

“Accidental immortality was something Nalu Ka’ino never asked for, but appreciated. Realizing she was half-Siren was surprising, but made sense. Incurring the wrath of the gods? Well, that had been expected.”

When the gods of Olacheia get angry with Nalu for being unable to enter the underworld, they begin to tear apart their very world in their conquest to make sure Nalu actually dies. 

It’s not her fault that Sirens don’t have souls, but now it’s up to her to put together a crew and stop the temperamental gods before they destroy everything and she’s left to argue with them for eternity, or before they finally find a way to kill her permanently. 

It’s time for the blue-haired bandit to save the world and to die multiple times trying.

Doesn’t it sound so fun? I’m nearly to the halfway point already with this story, so I’m hoping to write 50K in November to finish it up. This was actually my project last November, but it only made it halfway. I’m hoping to finish the first draft this time around, so wish me luck!

A brief excerpt:

She was definitely dead. There wasn’t a question about it. But did dead people know they were dead? Now there was a question to ask a philosopher. Was there any chance she could still do that? 

“Please stop closing your eyes. You’re embarrassing yourself.” The voice was deep, powerful, and ancient. Also, very, very annoyed. 

Nalu opened her eyes and saw… nothing. All was black, but wait, was that a swirl of grey? She sat up, feeling oddly exhausted. Why was she tired?

“I’m sure you’re confused–the dead always are. And before you scream and try to run away, please know that I am Dethana, goddess of Kolas, and that it’s pointless to try and run away from a place you can’t escape.” Nalu strained her eyes and managed to make out a shadowy form just to her right. That was when she realized what had just been said.

“So, wait, I actually am dead?” All the memories came crashing down in an instant. The ship, Kane, her father… 

“My, you really are an idiot. Yes, you’re dead. Very dead, I’m afraid. Pierced through the heart by an arrow. Quite the messy skirmish, if you ask me.” The shadowy figure approached and Nalu was able to distinguish black eyes, a crooked nose, and a stern mouth. 

“Well, that was a tad rude. No need to rub it in.” Nalu masked her pain with a half-hearted smile. “Is this where I’ll be spending all eternity?”

The figure frowned in puzzlement. “How odd. Out of all the dead I’ve seen–and trust me, I’ve seen a lot–none have handled it quite as well. Tell me, did you wish for death?”


I can’t wait to share this story with you all! The other story I’m working on is Rose’s Ruin, the prequel to my novel, Rose’s Wrath. That one is a bit more of a secret, so I’ll just have to wait to learn more.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? What’s your project about?

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