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Novella Announcement!

Hello all!

I’m excited to share some news with you all today, and that is that there will be a novella in the Rose’s War series! As of now, there has just been Rose’s Wrath and the unnamed sequel, but I’m including a novella from Pan’s POV!

When I first started writing Rose’s Wrath, I wasn’t sure what role Pan would play. A villain, anti-hero, or even a savior? He’s changed quite a bit over this last year, but has only grown more loved by me. As have all my characters, actually.

Also, as an editing update: I’m almost done! We’re in the homestretch and I’m SO excited!!! It’s been a year and three months since I first wrote Rose’s Wrath, and while the editing process has been long and challenging, I appreciate how refined it has become!

But back to the novella… I have a few working titles at the moment, and am still writing it, but I hope to reveal both soon enough! In the meantime, I have one bit from the rough blurb I’m willing to share:

“Beware the boy Pan. Beware of Neverland.”

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