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Writing Update | What Happened to the Rose’s War Duology?

Hello, wonderful readers!

This past month I took an unexpected break from all things writing simply because I felt far too burnt out to actually put any effort into my projects. That being said, I do still plan to write. It has been my passion for my most life and it will continue to be so. Now, as many of you know, my debut novel, Rose’s Wrath, released in March of last year, making it almost a year old already! *goes and weeps in a corner for her book baby*

Rose’s Wrath is the first book in a duology that I am writing, complete with a fun prequel as well. The prequel is actually almost finished, and once that’s done, I hope to have the editing process underway. I had plans to finish it in December, but clearly that didn’t work. My new goal is to have the first draft written and mostly polished by Rose’s Wrath first book birthday, which is March 27th. Is this a bit ambitious given my busy schedule? Yes. But this series means a lot to me and I want to get it in the hands of you, my readers, as quickly as possible.

That being said, I want to share a brief excerpt from Rose’s Ruin, the prequel, to help keep your interest. I know I haven’t talked about it much at all in recent months, but I plan to remedy that. Also, the unnamed sequel to Rose’s Wrath IS being written. Do not fear. It’s just going incredibly slow. But I can promise some torturous scenes, at least 😉

Talking of torturous scenes, here’s one of our dear Pan struggling to decide where his loyalties should lie.


Pan was tired of the death. Of the blood. Of the agonizing screams that filled his nightmares. But they were a part of the demon called war, and to win meant to suffer.

“The battalion just west of us fell, General.” A small soldier came rushing over, sweaty and dusty from travel.

At his words, Pan’s heart dropped. That was one of their strongest. Despite every life he saved, two more fell. A sinking dread was slowly filling his bones.

They might not actually be able to win.

“How many cursed,” he asked curtly, locking eyes with the messenger.

“One, Sir. They were able to… eliminate the other three. Reports say it’s an adolescent female with sound wave manipulation. A real wrecker.” The man’s voice caught slightly as he spoke.

“Good. We need to eradicate every one of these monsters.” The smooth, cold words slipped out of his mouth without any resistance except for the wake of nausea that followed.

The messenger’s eyes hardened like flint, wavering between obedience and rage.

Gritting his teeth, Pan scrutinized him, willing him to back down before things got ugly. “Do you have a problem, soldier?”

Meeting Pan’s gaze with unflinching loathing, the messenger shook his head. “Of course not, Sir. Save the queen. Save the kingdom. Save us all.” There was an iciness to the obedient tone of his voice, but nothing Pan could punish him for, thankfully.

“Excellent. Now, go rest up and grab some food.” Pan gave him a quick nod before striding into his tent.

With a frustrated roar, he cast his swords into the corner, the hollow clank almost mocking. Sinking onto his bed, Pan put his head in his hands. Stars, would it ever end? Day after day of pretending to love the pain and ugliness of war.

A wave of pain swept over him, threatening to crack his heart to pieces. It swirled towards his lungs, constricting them its grasp. Hot tears burning in his eyes, Pan fought to control his breathing. Even this mourning was a privilege given to him by Viren. A privilege that could be taken at any moment. A privilege that would allow him to save Maera and get her and Alae as far away from this star-forsaken land as possible.


Well, that’s it folks. How’s your writing going? Reading anything good? Let’s chat in the comments!

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