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Rose’s Ruin Exclusive Sneak Peek

Hey, everyone!

Today I’m here with an exclusive sneak peek from my next novel, (or, novella) Rose’s Ruin. It’s a prequel to my Rose’s War duology and I’m so excited to share some of it with you! Now, the story is still being written, so there’s not much to share, but here’s a peek at chapter one!


“Papa! Did you see the dragon?”

Pan turned, smiling. A little girl with equally red hair–albeit, hers was an unruly mane–scampered over, a grin spreading across her purple-stained face. 

“I did indeed! Did you notice how its red scales shimmered?”

She bobbed her head excitedly. “Maybe I could show them my fire! Do you think they’d like it?”

His heart ached with love as he watched his little daughter set her hand ablaze, the blood-red flame matching her eyes and brilliant hair. “Of course, Maera. How could they not? But, you have some moonberry jelly on your face, I think.”

Maera gave her face a quick swipe with her sleeve, doing little to fix the mess.

Standing there, in all her wild, energetic beauty, was his whole world. How amazing to think the stars had given him such a wonderful child. The vibrancy with which she lived was astounding. His hand tousled her fiery curls, earning a giggle in response.

“Can you show me what you can do with your Gift? Your teachers say you’re excelling!”

Maera blushed, her pleasure evident. “Sure, Papa! What should I do?”

“How about we try stealing fire? Here, use this torch.” Pan grabbed one of the torches lighting their courtyard and held it out in front of himself. Each Denthlirian was blessed with a Gift, given to them by the stars that watched them high above. It set them apart from all the other nations of Atulau.

“Okay, I can do that.” Her eyes began to glow like an ember; veins of gold and fire ran up her face, connecting to her eyes as her hand hovered in front of the torch. Slowly, the fire trickled away from the torch and wound its way up Maera’s arm. It was like a molten river–snaking over her skin and plunging through her veins. Each Gift was beautiful, but Maera’s was especially vivid and powerful. In a moment, the torch was extinguished.


Anddd, that’s it, folks! If you’d like to know more about Atulau and what role Pan plays, be sure to read Rose’s Wrath! It’s available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle format for only $2.99! Or you can get a beautiful paperback for $11.99 😉

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