Agents Adam and Eve: A Review

Goodness! I can't believe it has already been a month since I last posted! Well, anyway, I had the privilege of reading and reviewing Agents Adam and Eve, an up-and-coming futuristic thriller that is sure to keep you on your toes! Okay, so first: I am an awful Beta/review reader. I am sooo sorry, Jes,… Continue reading Agents Adam and Eve: A Review

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Hitting the 50K Mark

I first began to seriously write last December. I had this great story idea; it was all coming together beautifully in my head. What could go wrong? Then I began to think. I had never finished a story -- let alone more than three chapters of one -- up until that point. How was this… Continue reading Hitting the 50K Mark

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Chapter One: Novice Caretaker

In the communities found in TWWRTW there are different levels of expertise. These are judged by your work ethic, obedience to President Laura and how submissive you are in general. The levels are as follows: Novice, Learned, Experienced, Expert and Master. To reach the rank of Master is to be one of the best, the… Continue reading Chapter One: Novice Caretaker