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Why YA Science Fiction is an Underrated Genre + Better Than Fantasy

Hello, dear readers!

I am a HUGE fan of science fiction. Some of my favorite stories are considered sci-fi (though, to be fair, Hunger Games is dystopian sci-fi) What I’m confused by, though, is the lack of new YA science fiction in today’s top releases, especially given the amount of fantasy novels. Now, I love reading fantasy. I have nothing against it. What I’m confused by is the fact that science fiction isn’t nearly as beloved! So here are my three reasons why it’s underrated AND better than fantasy, and why your next novel should be sci-fi. (you all can kill me later)

Fantasy is an Over-Saturated Genre

Among books marketed specifically to young adults, fantasy novels trump all. Every year it seems there’s a new fantasy novel featuring a rather forgettable female protagonist who has to deal with new-found magic and a poorly created, tyrannical, patriarchal kingdom. Oh, and she discovers a hot dude halfway through for the sole purpose of a cringe-worthy sex scene right before the climax. Needless to say, fantasy is a genre that has SO many new releases that all the good ones get buried at the bottom, outdone by the fakely deep stories featuring a plot that’s been done a thousand times before. Science fiction, on the other hand, barely has novels published under it, it feels like. Which means your well-crafted, carefully written novel actually has a chance to gain the recognition it deserves!

Fantasy Isn’t Unique, So Your Novel Won’t Be Either

Now, there might be people who disagree with me on this, but it is HIGHLY unlikely that a novel marketed as fantasy will actually be unique. Sorry. Magic systems, corrupt kingdoms, magical beasts of all sorts, long-lost heirs to a powerful throne, foreboding prophesies… it’s ALL been done before. Now, that doesn’t mean you should scrap your fantasy novel. I’m simply saying that if your goal is to bring something new to people, it’s highly unlikely that you will in this specific genre. Unless you wants to kill off important characters, have a female villain, have more than one character be a POC, make your main character have a disability (and be male), and then throw in plot twists that no one actually predicts. Even then, it’s probably been done before. The thing is, this genre has so many different novels in it that the odds are that pretty much every angle, POV, story, and plot has been used at least once. So why not try out all your wonderful ideas in a science fiction setting? And, if you’re a reader looking for something fresh and new, don’t go back to Sarah J. Maas’ latest release–try shopping other genres! XD

Science Fiction is Freaking Cool!

Okay, but seriously! This genre is so fascinating and has the potential for so much. Space?! Post-apocalyptic worlds?! Aliens?! Lightsabers?! (Okay, maybe I’m going too far XD) Imagine a world where everyone is a cyborg, a post-apocalyptic world where there are no guns or nuclear weapons, space creatures that lure people like sirens of mythology, superheroes send out on space missions, a race of creatures trying to colonize earth, but they’re NICE… The possibilities are almost endless, and most haven’t been explored.

But What About You…?

Now that I’ve given my rather strong opinions on this, what do you think? Science fiction or fantasy? Let me know in the comments! (Please note this is all for fun, and if you prefer fantasy, that’s totally okay!)

2 thoughts on “Why YA Science Fiction is an Underrated Genre + Better Than Fantasy

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve noticed that as well and wondered why there weren’t any new sci-fi novels within the past couple years. I love sci-fi and feel that it has a unique way of seeing the world we live in better than fantasy. I think that Sci-Fi also allows us as authors to touch on topics like faith and science and can the two come together, etc…

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