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The Way We Rule The World

This story can be considered my first “real” story. At roughly 16,000 words, it’s the farthest I’ve ever gotten before quitting. Once completed, and edited, it will be about thirty chapters and 60,000 words. I will be posting mostly about TWWRTW and Disfigured (which I will get into later). Here is the description, as it can be found on Wattpad.

What would you do if you realized your society was run the wrong way? Would you rebel?

In a society where females are the dominant gender, Ember struggles to believe that it isn’t wrong. After a heart wrenching incident, she can’t take it anymore and flees. Can she help bring her country back to equality? Or will inequality destroy them once and for all?

Here is an excerpt from the story itself:

“She hoped he would be allowed to live, but deep down she knew it was a false hope. Only the strong survived here.”

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