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Why Writing Multiple Novels Can Be Overwhelming… But Rewarding

Hello, readers!

I am Oceane and I am actively writing four novels. Yay! I’m the kind of person to have lofty, somewhat unattainable goals that I strive to see through. Until I get burnt out… and feel like a failure… and grow apathetic when I actually just need some motivation. Anyone else relate? XD

After the publication of Rose’s Wrath, I felt the pressure to get to writing the second book. And that’s when I decided that a prequel would also be beneficial. So I started writing both. I had just spent an exhausting amount of time editing Rose’s Wrath and getting it ready for publication (and I mean a LOT of time. It was utterly exhausting) so I don’t really know why I thought it would be a smart idea to jump RIGHT back into the world of Atulau and pump out 100K words total. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a little bit of an over-achiever XD.

So, what is the point of this? You ask. Stop rambling and give us the advice, Oceane, you may be saying to yourself. And I will! I promise. There is a method to this madness.

The title might say it’s overwhelming (which it is) to write four novels at once, but it’s also extremely rewarding and relaxing. Now, you’re probably really confused as to what the heck this post is even about! (Honestly, I don’t know. These current times have fried my brain and I’m really desperately trying to figure out what to blog about *grins sheepishly*)

I’m writing two books I “need” to write and two “fun” ones. And honestly, it works! Now, maybe I could just be writing one necessary one and one fun one, but let’s not expect too much self-control from me yet, alright? I get easily burnt out from my projects, mainly because I get lost in the inner workings of the ONE story. Now, let’s say I’m tired of writing Rose’s Ruin, the prequel to Rose’s Wrath. Instead of trying to force myself to keep going, thus causing burn-out, I can just switch gears to my fun, rather crazy project, Of Sails and Souls. Or, if I really want to write some deep and emotionally-charged paragraphs, I can turn to be heartbreaking contemporary, Everything We Lost.

It’s rewarding and relaxing to write multiple novels because they’re all so different. I can keep up my crazy writing pace without feeling exhausted because each story has a different theme, motive, genre, and characters. It also forces me to stretch my mind and dialogue. It teaches me to really know who my characters are because I’m flipping through about ten of them.

So, if you have a new story you’re dying to write, well, just write it! It can actually help improve the other stories you’re working on!

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