In My Dreams: A Poem

It has been quite awhile since I last posted a poem! So, it seems like a good time to introduce a new one titled In My Dreams.

This specific poem is mostly about wistfulness. A wistfulness for memories I’ll never get to enjoy, of a person I won’t ever be, of a life I’d love to live, but most likely never will. Now, that sounds terribly sad, but the poem itself doesn’t get quite that deep into it. Those are simply the thoughts that inspired it.

I take great pride in this poem, so I hope you enjoy.

In My Dreams

Perhaps someday I’ll sail seas deep.
Under lavender star-studded skies I’ll sleep.
And from great cliffs to oceans below I’ll leap.

If only in my dreams.

With water-soaked skin, I’ll dance in the rain.
While being held close, I will cry through the pain.
I’ll read an entire library to keep myself sane.

If only in my dreams.  

But for now, I will sit alone in the silence.
Fighting through the pain with defiance.
I will most definitely try to deny this.

If I only lived in my dreams.

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