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NaNoWriMo: The Homestretch

Just the other day I (finally) hit 40,000 words! This was a major accomplishment for me, as I have never done anything as extreme as writing an entire novel in one month (lol). 

Only four days remain, however, in order for me to write the full 50,000 I originally aimed for. I believe it is attainable, but we shall see!

I haven’t posted much, due to the fast-arriving holidays — a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all! — but hope to write at least one post a week. 

Much has happened in my novel, Unhappily Ever After, and I now have exciting news! Due to the fact that far too much has to happen in far too little amount of time, Unhappily Ever After will become a duology. A new title will be announced shortly, as well as the title for the second book! 

As I’ve slowly developed this little fantasy novel of mine, I’ve come to love each and every one of my characters and the unique personalities that they have — often rebelling against what I originally had planned for them, too. 

So now I’m in the homestretch! Hopefully by next post I will be able to say that I have officially written an entire novel in one month! Which reminds me, I should get back to my writing! 

Until my next post, 


Aura sat stunned for a few seconds. She had actually run away? Usually people were noble and chose to stay. “Coward,” she muttered, as she eased herself upright, tensing as pain engulfed her body. Did dragons have a good sense of smell? Because that would be a terrible misfortune.

Oceane McAllister

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