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20,000 Words In… and Beyond!

If the title wasn’t obvious enough, I am now 20,000 words into writing my novel, Unhappily Ever After! I never thought this was possible, considering that the last time I wrote 20,000 words it took me five months! 

I must say that NaNoWriMo has been such an incredible journey (and continues to be) and that I’m growing so much as a writer! This may sound eerily similar to what I’ve said before, but that’s because it’s so true! I never thought I could enjoy something, yet also hate it — being held accountable to write every day is tough!

I went into the month of November with only a vague outline of a plot, and a few notes on characters. Needless to say, I’m surprised to have made it half-way! 

One of my favorite things about writing a novel is becoming immersed in the world I’m writing. I love looking back and seeing how a character develops, sometimes in a way I was not expecting! Already I’m in love with my characters — each is so unique to me — and the world, Allegora, they live in. 

Today on this weekly update I will be sharing some history of the universe Allegora is from! Some of these details are also shared in the latest chapter (chapter twelve) for those of you who might have read it.


The land of Allegora has been around for roughly 5,000 years. The country is the youngest in the universe (which has actually yet to be named. If you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!)

Allegora was first created when one of the Ancient Ones (dragons) saw the war-torn land which was the source of many a battle, and had a vision of what it could become. Using magic of the oldest sort, the dragon proceeded to create a sub-race of humans, the mages. These people were endowed with amazing gifts which they used to turn the wasteland into a safe haven for all manner of creatures. It became a beacon of hope, despite its gruesome and bloody history. The monarchy changes from species to species, but at present time, the humans rule. 

There are four other lands within this universe as well. Denthlire, Moorehaven, Evanscene, and Ookramok. These lands are impossibly ancient, each housing one primary species. 

Denthlire was once a beautiful and wealthy land, known for its knowledge. The people of Denthlire are humanoid, each possessing increased healing and a gift of the magical sort. Pan, from Unhappily Ever After, is Denthlirian. 

Moorehaven is the mountain home of the Dwarves. Goils and Goblins also reside in Moorehaven. The people are known for their metal-working, and their knack for finding precious stones. They also specialize in lumber, and have a lucrative business going on trading with the other lands. They’re a crafty people who prefer to keep to their mountains and to deal in coin, not talk.

Evanscene is perhaps the most beautiful of the lands, comprised of vibrant forests, sparkling lakes and rivers, and the only seaport. Elves, Faeries, and Dryads live in Evanscene, preferring to tend to their forests and herbs, the Faeries also specializing in fine-crafted weaponry. 

Little is known about Ookramok except for the fact that it is home of the dragons. No one knows the location of this land, and the dragons rarely interact with the rest of the world. They share Ookramok with one other species only, the Griffins. The dragons are by far the most powerful of the beings in the story, though little of them as been seen. Hopefully more will be known of them as I press on through the next 30,000 words!

I hope this bit of history was interesting, as I loved creating it! Now before I end this post, I have a quote to share from the story, one that I actually enjoy. If you have any questions about the story, or a suggestion for a name for the universe, I’d love to hear it! 

Glass. So deceptively deadly. So beautiful. How ironic that glass was the more deadly when broken, as opposed to it being whole. And how Verre enjoyed her things broken.

Oceane McAllister

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