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NaNoWriMo: Day Seven

I was initially going to post every day for the duration of NaNoWriMo, but as you can see, I’ve decided against it. From now on, I’ll be posting once every Wednesday with an excerpt from that day’s writing, and some information on what I think of NaNoWriMo and how my writing is progressing. As of now I am at 11,000 words and on-track to finish in time!

My story, Unhappily Ever After, is coming together much better than expected, and the words just keep flowing (thankfully). Not having to worry about editing has been extremely helpful with writing, and puts less pressure on me to perfect my writing. I’m allowed to just leave it the way it is.

I’m exploring new forms of writing — for example, dark fantasy — and while it doesn’t always work, I am enjoying broadening my writing skills. NaNoWriMo has been helpful as it motivates me to write each and every day, and to complete my goals. It has been eye-opening to see how much more I’m capable of when it comes to writing, but it also shows how little I know. It has been such a great journey, even in these first seven days, and I’m learning so much.

But onto the excerpt! This is from chapter one, so that way no spoilers will be revealed. If you’re interested in reading the full seven chapters available, please check out the link above.


The scent of blood filled Cerise’s nostrils, flooding her senses with panic. Her bare feet slapped noisily over the leaves of the forest, miniscule in comparison to the hammering of her heart. She had thought she could control it, but the fact that she was running for her life spoke of the exact opposite. She most definitely could not control it. Though she had to admit that she was more than slightly relieved that Raina was dead.

A sharp crack of a branch caused Cerise to speed up; they were almost to her. Who they were though, she had no idea. The long red cloak she had grabbed on her way out of the cottage whipped about her ankles, threatening to trip her. She would have removed it but, unfortunately, she was naked and they could easily trace her scent with the cloak should she drop it. Another annoying part of the rather crazy day.

She wiped her mouth, no longer surprised at the redness that now stained her hand. It was tough not focusing on the iron taste that filled her mouth, because it was far too easy to give in and either throw up or kill someone else. Neither was a welcome thought.

If she could only reach the cave, she’d be fine. Who or whatever was following her would be lost in the labyrinth that was a second home to Cerise. Well, now it was her only home, but she had always preferred it to Raina’s mildewy, Hark-infested, miserable excuse for a cottage.

Her toe caught on a root, and with a small whimper of pain, she went tumbling down. Rolling up out of the fall with agility uncommon among the other eighteen year olds of her village, Cerise kept running. She had lost at least three seconds of her lead, and she could only hope that there was still enough time.

No one had known about her, except Raina, of course, and if these people now knew… Cerise shuddered at the thought. It would be extremely dangerous for her. Hybrids were illegal in Allegora. To be found as a hybrid was considered one of the worst crimes, able to get you sent to Denthlire for eternity. Despite its many flaws, Cerise happened to enjoy her life in the forest of Lithrium, and had no interest in spending the rest of her life in the realm of smoke and fog.

The cave was close, only a few hundred yards away. If she could just make it a little farther… The loud crack and crumble of a tree’s branches caused Cerise stumble to a halt. She could not believe her eyes at the shape which now towered over her. They had hired a Trigor?

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