And so the last day of my poetry posting has arrived!

My next posts will be about my story TWWRTW and how the journey of writing it is drawing to a close.

But I still have one last poem to share. I originally had a lighter toned poem to share, but chose a different one instead. I wanted to keep to the theme, and the original poem I chose didn’t really fit that.

As you know, these past few posts have been the poetry I wrote during the darkest times in my life. This last poem is short and, like the rest, it’s unedited — something that bothers me a bit — but I think emotion is easier to capture without worrying about how perfect it is.


How I wish my mask wasn’t so easy to hide behind,

or that I wasn’t so adept at painting over the scars with the brightest hues.

For now I’m bleeding in color.


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