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The Cursed Chronicles

The Cursed Chronicles is a side project that I’ve been working for the past few months or so. A trilogy featuring three different female protagonists, this was supposed to be something to work on when I was bored of writing TWWRTW.

Needless to say, this trilogy has sparked the interest of many more readers, and myself, then TWWRTW has so now I devote a lot more time to it.

The idea for this trilogy first came to me as I was thinking of writing Disfigured. I wanted a fantasy/love story that was not based on appearances. Then I had the inspiration to make the main protagonist “cursed” because what is a fantasy without magic? A few ideas of how she could be cursed came to mind, and those curses now have their own protagonists, creating the trilogy.


Disfigured: Set in the fictional world of Korinth, Tyra is the twenty year old Duchess of Rotterdam. With a face that is half deformed, she is an outcast among her people, considered possessed. This story follows Tyra on her journey of love and realization that looks aren’t everything. 


Deception: Rohira must keep her identity a secret. No one can know that the King’s youngest daughter is actually his best assassin.
As the youngest, Rohira has always gotten what she wanted. Be it a sword or a pair of pants. She hates etiquette and everything it entails.
When she discovers that she was blessed with the ability to turn invisible, compliments of her fairy godmother, she decides to use it to benefit her parents who have always let her be the wild one.

Telling no one, she gets rid of her father’s greatest threats. When word gets out about her success, she becomes the King’s official assassin. This is a dream come true for Rohira, except for the fact that her father has no idea that his assassin is also his daughter.
Armed with her knives, mask and the name Deathwhisper, she balances life as a killer and a princess. Little does she know that not all of her deceptions will remain a secret


Delusional: “She tried to block it all out, but she could not. Lives flashed before her eyes, always ending in death. Always ending in sorrow.”

Ilia never wanted these so called gifts, she would have refused them if she had had a choice. Seeing everyone’s lives from beginning to end was frightening. But what was worse was the fact that she couldn’t say anything. She could say nothing to help these people. And it was driving her mad.


These are just the rough descriptions of the stories. Disfigured is eight chapters in length, Deception, one, and Delusional just an idea. So they’re all in the developing stages as of now. Once all three are completed, I plan to make them into one book.


Next update I will sharing an exclusive excerpt from Deception so be watching.




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