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Avoiding the Love Triangle

My first piece of writing advice, and an important one, at least to me.

The love triangle

If I were to list all the stories where a love triangle was present, we’d be here all day.

Why does everyone see the need to add one? We all know how they always end. Either the rejected lover dies, or is so heartbroken that they become bitter towards the person who they used to love, sometimes becoming the villain.

Why can’t two people fall in love peacefully without some person getting between them (usually the best friend *rolls eyes*)

If you must have tension in a story, why not make it a different kind? Make the main protagonist struggle with inner demons (fears), fight between their love for a parent who serves the enemy and duty to their own cause, etc. Anything but a love triangle!

Or why not have no romance at all? I know that seems shocking, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a sibling duo, a mother and her daughter, or something of the sort.

Now I’m guilty of having romance in my stories, and romance in itself is not a bad thing. Love triangles are.

It is so overused and cliché, and everyone uses them, even famous authors. Ex: Rick Riordan (whose books I love, by the way)

Why do what everyone else is doing when you can be unique? I still read books with love triangles, (even though they annoy me to no end!) because the writing is still good.

A great example of an author who used no love triangles and still had a phenomenal series is Marissa Meyer. The Lunar Chronicles was (and always will) be one of my favorite series. You have no idea how refreshing it was to read about no love triangles! (Kai, Cinder, and Levana don’t count for obvious reasons)

What I’m trying to say is avoid the love triangle. It may seem like a good idea to add one, but don’t! It is far too overused. Think outside the box and stay away from the clichés at all costs.

I gave some substitutes for a love triangle, what do you think could be substituted? And what are your thoughts on love triangles?

5 thoughts on “Avoiding the Love Triangle

  1. I have another idea: a love triangle where the rejected lover takes the rejection with dignity, wishes the person he supposedly loves all the best, moves on with his life and has a smart, funny, loving partner by book three.

    Shocking, I know.

    Seriously though, some good points, and I like the alternatives you suggested. Relationships definitely don’t always need to be about romance!


    1. Exactly! Why can’t they just part ways as friends?

      I’m glad you agree with me. There are so many other great relationships that can be present in a story. There’s no need for love triangles.


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