Edges of the Unknown

I don’t have any writing updates (by the way, shout-out to all my wonderful reviewers! You guys make me smile) so it’s another poem today! You all seem to really love these, so let me know if I should post them more often!

Edges of the Unknown

Some wonder what the ocean hides,

Or wish to examine the stars.

What of the universe’s tides?

And the secrets that lie past Mars?

Is there an end to the darkness?

A world past stardust and planets?

Perhaps energy to harness,

Or maybe we simply vanish?

Might we learn we’ve never lived.

Past the end is just the beginning.

So life has only just arrived,

As starlight is softly swaying.

Oh, let me simply fly

Past dying stars and velvet space

Through this enveloping night,

To a world never to erase.

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