And So I’ve Let You Go: A Poem

Because of some crazy posting that will be happening in the next few weeks, today’s post is a small poem that hopefully you’ll enjoy!

Before I share it though, I’d like to say that the editing for Rose’s Wrath is just about complete! A few tweaks here and there, but besides that, we’re good to go! Stay tuned, as the next couple of weeks will be full of fun posts (and maybe even a giveaway or two)

And So I’ve Let You Go

I am the sort of person to hold on a little too tight

Perhaps it is fear of the unknown or things never being right

How my heart ached at the effort of holding you close

How dread built a home in my stomach, a path through my bones

I thought to be a good friend, I had to sacrifice who I am

To lose my opinion and voice to the title of friend

But perhaps in being whole, I must learn to let go

And finally realize that, to you, there’s nothing I owe

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