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Snow, Music, Hot Tea, and Other Christmas-related Things!

The Christmas season is here, and your cold weather girl is THRILLED! From the heavenly Christmas smells to enchanting snowfalls, there is so much to love and appreciate about this time of the year!

One of my absolute favorite things is snow! Whenever it’s falling softly down–or maybe even howling–it just makes me so incredibly happy. Who doesn’t love waking up to the world blanketed in white pureness?!

And anyone else a fan of candles? The pine, citrus, and cinnamon ones smell best in my opinion, but as long as it smells like Christmas, I’m content. 😉

Another great thing are all the traditions! One of my family’s is that we get a pajama set on Christmas Eve, because who doesn’t want to be cozy and cute on Christmas morning? We also each get three “big” gifts, because Jesus received three from the wise men. It also helps with the budget, XD. And cinnamon rolls! They are an absolute must for Christmas morning!

People seem to think that hot cocoa is the hot beverage of the holidays, but it’s actually not my favorite. Alright, alright… before you kill me, let me explain! Hot cocoa is just too sweet for me, and it’s not that I won’t drink it, it’s just not my favorite. Hot tea is the way to go, in my opinion. Or spice up your coffee with peppermint! But for those of you who hold fast to hot cocoa… you go!

Lastly, music! Gosh, Christmas music is the best! I’m actually one of those weirdos who has listened to Christmas music throughout the year, though not consistently (come on, I’m not THAT crazy) I have a Spotify playlist that I keep adding to. My favorite? Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson. It’s a classic!

In case you wanted to see

So, are you a big Christmas fan? Hot cocoa or tea? Have you listened to Christmas music before winter hits? Let’s talk in the comments!

Also, since I’m just that cool, I’ll share a poem I wrote concerning winter. The style and structure follows that of a limerick, but since limericks are usually crude and I actually combined three into one, my poem might not be a “true” one.

The cold crunch fills with delight

The shining white flakes push back the night

The air is quite cold

But may I be so bold

To say that I find this weather alright

When the weather turns warm, I frown

And my snowman loses some pounds

The snow won’t stay

No matter what I say

This news really does bring me down

Next year will hopefully be better

Or I’ll have to send Jack Frost a letter

I miss the snow

It feels like home

Snow keeps running away, but I will catch her

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