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Why I’ve Lost My Interest in Reading

These past few months have been rough. Between school, work, and trying to fit in a social life, reading has become practically nonexistent. I find this sad, as reading used to always be what cheered me up. So, what happened?

First, I’m just too busy. I never thought I’d ever say that, but it’s true. I like to enjoy books, to read them for hours at a time, but that is a luxury I can no longer afford. Life is tough and stressful, often occupying too much of my thoughts, but it is necessary. Responsibilities, overwhelming schedules, and never enough sleep are my norm, not the 8+ hours of sleep, staying up late to finish an amazing book, and hours of free time to type away on my computer. But, summer is coming! A time where “maybe” I’ll get back that relaxing life I used to hold so dear.

Second, I’ve just been discouraged with the books I’ve read lately. Out of the last five, two have been one-star, one has been two-star, and one has been three-star. It’s depressing. The vivid characters, heart-pounding plot, and gorgeous settings have been traded for cliche mediocrity. Book quality has been on a decline, and it is increasingly tough to find a book that keeps my attention. But, I still have hope, as there are the rare gem or two that push through the garbage that is 80% of YA novels.

Nevertheless, my blogging will continue, so be sure to check back next Thursday for a new post! Hopefully I’ll have another review, or maybe even a writing tip.

So, how’s your reading life been? Have you found any great books recently? Feel free to comment below!

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