The Deceiver’s Heart: A Review

This… this is a good book. My head is still reeling from all of the plot twists and love that I have for these precious characters. Jennifer A. Nielsen has a way with words, a true gift. She uses emotion so well that I can’t help but dread scenes, have my heart racing in others, or swooning over others still. It takes an excellent book to inspire emotion and this masterpiece did that.


The main character of the story, and quite possibly my favorite. She’s relatable, something I’m drawn to in a character. That stubbornness that often has an ugly side to it… well, that’s me. She’s flawed, but you can’t help but love her because in some way she reminds you of yourself. The first half was utter torture for me, but for spoilers sake, I won’t reveal why. Just know that if The Traitor’s Game made you fall in love with certain characters, you’re in for a rough roller-coaster ride of emotions. Kestra is one of my all-time favorite female characters. Period. There’s something so real about her, a brokenness that makes me both nod in understanding and fight the urge to reach into the book and give her a hug.


My son, no question. He questions his worth a lot, something that a lot of people can sympathize with. He’s always been a poor boy, one who was never meant to be swept into this giant game of deception and war, but he’s a warrior–and survivor–whose heart is far more powerful than his skill with a sword. Plus, he and my daughter Kestra are destined to be together. Yes, this is a cliche, but it doesn’t feel like one for whatever reason. They complement each other, and despite everything, have a chemistry they can’t deny. It does my fangirl heart good to yell at them from time to time for their pig-headedness involving each other. I found the attraction between them in The Traitor’s Game a little too quick, and while this book didn’t give their relationship the growth it deserved, I still loved it.


Wow, what a woman! What a queen! I wasn’t sure about her in book one, but book two settled my thoughts quickly. She can be annoying, as she takes no nonsense from anyone and can come off as emotionless, but she feels a lot and she’s always putting her friends and companions first. This book allowed her to develop more and it helped her character a LOT. I look forward to reading more about her book three.


I did NOT like him book one, but you really get to see his soft, gentle, and selfless side quite a bit more this book. He genuinely cares about Kestra and is willing to help her no matter what. On that note, I hope they reach best friends status book three, but maybe I’m the only one.


She went from “Oh, you could be interesting” to “Oh, you’re nothing but a selfish brat”. I hate her. Moving on…

Final Thoughts

This book is so incredibly amazing. There was a love triangle that I rolled my eyes at a few times, but it only appeared towards the end, for which was thankful. Lord Endrick is such a great villain, though I’d like to see more of what is going on in his head and why he would kill all of his kind. Also, the plot twists are so deliciously refreshing! I highly recommend this book, though I have to keep this review short because I just might give away a spoiler!

5/5 stars

7 thoughts on “The Deceiver’s Heart: A Review

  1. Harlyn gets in the way of my ship. So I have a question. Do Harlyn and Simon end up together? I haven’t exactly finished the book but please spare me! I’m so angry at both of them right now so please tell me

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