Mistborn: A Review

This is my first review of this blog and I’m happy to say it’s a good one!

Mistborn was recommended to me by a good friend of mine, Anne Caitlin. ( While hesitant at first, this story truly sucked me in.


These are easily one of the best things Mistborn has to offer! Seriously, I absolutely adored Vin just a few chapters in. The same goes for Eland. While Kelsier took a bit longer to warm up to, he ended up becoming a favorite. Each of these characters were vastly different yet well-written. None could be considered a stereotype, though I will admit each had characteristics which could be considered cliche. Still, it was easy to connect with them, which is a must! 18/20


Here I had a few issues. It follows the same generic plot most fantasies follow, though I will admit it did a better job than most. Mysterious evil being must be stopped, only one person is powerful enough to, that said person is able to wield powerful magic… etc. While the explanation for their powers is just absolutely amazing and so well thought-out, the plot itself could have stood to be a bit more original. 14/20

Title and Cover

Perhaps these aren’t as important, but to an amateur graphic designer, I believe the cover and title should fit well together and should each be original and to the point. I have issues with the cover, as it is rather bland and I would definitely not be drawn to the novel by it. The style of the girl on the front is just odd itself. While Mistborn is a unique title, it still feels a bit bland, something that it should not be. 8/20

Flow and Consistency

I have no problems with the flow of the story. Actions build up to a satisfying climax and nothing felt jarringly out of the ordinary. I did feel that Mistborns and their history was brought in rather quickly, but it was nothing too annoying. The book remained consistent, no plot holes having stood out to me. Though for a published novel, it is expected that the writing be polished and meet expectations. [SPOILER!] I was skeptical, though, of the fact that Vin was able to kill Lord Ruler with relative ease while Kelsier could not. I know that Vin is powerful, but for someone so inexperienced, it was a bit of a stretch. 15/20

Overall Enjoyment

Despite the negatives I mentioned, I really did enjoy Mistborn! While the cover and title didn’t draw me in, the story itself and its wonderfully fascinating history certainly did. The characters were great, the plot wasn’t anything horrible, and the majority of the story was quite believable. All in all, I was glad to have read this and am reading the second! 17/20

Final Score: 72/100

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