She Fights It

It’s surprising how people can actually enjoy poetry that often doesn’t have structure or a clear meaning. I’ve often wondered why that kind of writing sparks interest in others, and I think I finally understand.

Our hidden thoughts, well, they’re not structured and not often do they have clear meaning. Our thoughts aren’t thought out, they just happen.

I think that’s why that sort of poetry — for lack of a better word — resonates with people. It is simply us. It is easier to relate with the messy and emotional, because that’s often who we are as broken human beings.

So that’s why I’ll post the poems that are me. That quite often aren’t thought out or corrected, and that truly represent who I am as a person.

The poetry will be sad and angry at times, but also content and joyful. Life isn’t always about the dark times, or just the happy ones. It’s about life as a whole.

These past few posts I’ve been sharing the poems I’ve written during the dark times in my life, but I’m also going to share my poems I wrote during the great times.

Now for the poem itself — I went off on a bit of a tangent — which is titled She Fights It. I wrote it after an especially hard and depressing week where I was just mentally and emotionally drained.

I’m happy that I wrote through the bad times, because now I can reflect on how God has brought me through it. Those old doubts and fears still exist, but I know that I have peace in Jesus Christ.


She fights it.

Every single day she fights it.

Saying that she’s strong, that she’s got this.

These thoughts of hers that she can’t control.

She fights it alone.

She can do this.

But every second a part of her slips away.

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