Were You There?

A lot of my poetry is personal to me. It’s like unlocking a window to your heart and letting the world peer in. It makes you vulnerable.

I wrote this poem during a dark part of my life, so it’s scary sharing some of these poems that have been my way of pouring out my soul.

For my next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of my most personal poetry. Not the poems that sound good or make people feel warm and fuzzy. No, these poems will be real and possibly heartbreaking at times.

They will be unedited, simply me sharing my words, my heart. They may be broken, painful or raw, but perhaps you’ll find something to relate to at the least.


Were you there when I cried?
When the tears wet my face
And I felt like I could die?

Were you there when I slowly broke?
Did you see my crumbling heart
And fading hope?

Were you there when I whispered?
The darkness I hid
That caused me to shiver?

Were you there when I wondered?
Was life worth living
When my world was torn asunder?

Were you there when I pled?
On bended knees with broken sobs
As my heart bled

Were you there?

No, you weren’t

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