The Elementals

I’ve decided to post a bit more about my own writing this time!

I am currently working on four stories; a novel and a trilogy. Both are coming along nicely, so I’ve allowed myself to brainstorm a new series.

The Elementals is set in a fantasy world where those gifted with elemental abilities rule.

The four book series will follow four different main characters, each representing a specific element. They are as follows:

Rain: a Water elemental with the ability to create and manipulate both water and ice.

Ash: a Fire elemental with the ability to create and manipulate fire and smoke.

Stone: an Earth elemental who can create and manipulate plants and stone.

Storm: an Air elemental with the ability to create and manipulate storms and air.

The series is just an idea at the moment, but I have the basic skeleton of the plot worked out.

I have also created the first draft for the covers. My own graphic skills are crude, but serve their purpose.

I hope to begin uploading the series onto to Wattpad sometime next year.

Here is a sneak peak for the first book: Land of War and Winter

“The cold is a lethal enemy. It freezes you slowly, so that you never see it coming. Until it’s too late.”

The Elementals are the elite. The ones who can harness the power of the elements, and those who control the people.

They are cruel and ruthless, oppressing the weaker Mortals underneath them.

Rain is a Water Elemental, and a disgrace to her family. The child of the unlawful union between an Elemental and a Mortal, she is considered an outcast among the Elementals.

Yet she may hold the power to uniting the two races. And the Mortals might not be as weak as they appear.

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