Author Interview With Naomi Kenyon

Hello, dear readers! Today I have a very special guest... the author of Like a Feather, Naomi Kenyon! I will be asking her some questions about herself and her novel! 1. Where did the name for your debut, Like a Feather, come from? What was the inspiration? To this day, I don't even know!  I thought… Continue reading Author Interview With Naomi Kenyon

Writing Tips

Why Editing is So Important For Self-Publishers

Hey all! Oceane here. As someone who is just beginning to figure out her own self-publishing journey, I've come to realize one thing that all self-publishers should know: Editing is extremely important! Maybe you already know this, maybe you don't, but it is important to understand. I myself have gone back and forth on whether… Continue reading Why Editing is So Important For Self-Publishers