The Line Between: A Review

Hello my wonderful readers!

It’s been a while since I last posted a review, or much of anything, actually! Today’s review is about my latest read, The Line Between, by Tosca Lee. It has become one of my favorites, as you shall soon see!


First off, my favorite aspect of novels–the characters! And goodness, are the ones in this book amazing! We begin with our protagonist, Wynter. She’s a fascinating blend of courage, anxiety, independence, and stubbornness. There’s a softness hidden by the hardness of her past that I can’t hep but love! Wynter experiences brain-washing, sexual assault, and verbal assault, yet doesn’t let that break her. I also love how the author gave her a moment where she’s a therapist and gets a physical diagnosis and help! So often authors brush over the fact that traumatic situations create problems with one’s mental health which need to be addressed. Overall, Wynter was a refreshing breath of air from the usual, tiring stereotypes.

My absolute favorite character overall (and my soulmate and bacon lover) is Chase! Can a man be anymore perfect? While we explore less of his personality (being he isn’t the protagonist and doesn’t have a POV) I was still able to connect with him immediately and adored every time he was on-page! He’s kind, bold, and unafraid to save people. I truly hope he’s explore in more depth in book two! He also has some of the best quotes!

And while I know you won’t understand this, I have an emotional relationship with bacon.

Chase Miller, The Line Between

Wynter. It’s common knowledge that one should never ice fish after saving the world.

Chase Miller, The Line Between


While I’m sure there are a lot out there, I’ve never read a book featuring a pandemic! I absolutely love dystopian fiction, but just haven’t found many good ones lately. The Line Between has firmly restarted my love of them! From the very first chapter, we are thrust into this world of mystery and terror. The past unfolds in flashbacks as the story progresses, providing an ominous sense of ignorance to the full story. From the moment I started, I wasn’t able to put it down! I ended up finishing it in just a few hours! Tosca Lee truly captured my attention with her writing, which is impressive!

Overall Enjoyment

From the relatable and lovable characters, to the fast-paced plot–I loved it all! I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, and can’t wait to read the conclusion! To anyone looking for something new to read, I highly recommend it!

Content Warnings

The word a*s is used, and there might be one mention of h*ll. One characters experiences sexual assault that almost ends in rape, though nothing is too graphic. Wynter is from a cult, and so there are many negative aspects of that as well. The two main characters share one brief kiss, and end up sleeping in the same bed one night. It seems it was simply for comfort, though, and no sex was involved. The virus that causes the pandemic creates aggression and recklessness in those affected, and so there’s a lot of death and violence, but nothing too graphic. Overall, a very clean novel!

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