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Why Do I Write?

To be honest, I had never really thought about the question asked in the title.

Why do I write?

More importantly: Why does anyone write? Seriously, what drives writers/authors to create a world and people within 400 pages? I don’t really know, but here are three reasons why I write.

It’s An Outlet

This is probably the biggest reason. Writing has always had a calming effect on me. It is a way to just sit, relax, and let my mind wander free. I’m not a fan of constraints and writing has always been a way of just expressing myself in any way I want. Even if it’s just a few paragraphs or an entire novel, it allows the creative side of me some freedom. And, if I’m having a bad day, song-writing or poetry are what I usually turn to, as they genuinely help me remain happy and calm, even if the words themselves aren’t happy.

I Have a Passion For Clean Literature

You’ve no doubt heard me say time and time again that I believe novels–specifically young adult/teen novels–need to clean up their act; literally. The content that is allowed to slip in–think Sarah Maas–is completely unacceptable. So, instead of whining how people need to change, I am being the change. Part of the reason I write is because I genuinely want to bring clean, but also interesting, books to teens and adults alike. Again, not everyone has the same convictions on what is appropriate, but I am trying to write novels parents would have no problem letting their children read.

I Love It!

Maybe this doesn’t count, but it’s true! Writing brings me great joy. Not everyone enjoys it, so I’m glad I’m one of those strange people who actually does. It might be odd to some, but I get excited when I sit down at my computer to write. I’m always brimming over with new ideas and plot twists, and so that becomes part of the fun! I can honestly say I love it.

So, why do you write?

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Yes, I totally agree! Not only because I love to write for the same reasons you mentioned, but also to bring back styles that I grew up with and love that few people seem to do anymore.

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