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Rose’s Wrath: Chapter One

It's release month! Yay! I can't believe there will be physical copies of Rose's Wrath available in just twenty something days! *gasps* In the meantime, I'll be sharing the first chapter with you all! Hopefully it gets you interested in reading the whole thing! *** The scent of blood filled Cerise‚Äôs nostrils, flooding her with… Continue reading Rose’s Wrath: Chapter One

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Why Editing is So Important For Self-Publishers

Hey all! Oceane here. As someone who is just beginning to figure out her own self-publishing journey, I've come to realize one thing that all self-publishers should know: Editing is extremely important! Maybe you already know this, maybe you don't, but it is important to understand. I myself have gone back and forth on whether… Continue reading Why Editing is So Important For Self-Publishers