Content Guide For Books

If you’re anything like me, you like to know what sort of content is in a book before you read it, be it language, sexual content, or violence. And most of the time, you don’t have the luxury of knowing what’s in a novel, resulting in many unfinished novels, or scenes you wish you could forget.

That is what this page is for. To help you become aware of the content in a novel before you read it. As I read and review, more stories will be added to the list.

Please also note that I might have different thoughts on what is appropriate or not. Based on what I share, make your own decisions on what you will and will not read. The age range is just a suggestion. All titles are in alphabetical order.


Guide to Content Warning

Cursing has to do with both real-world swearing and fictional. Sexual content could simply be two characters attracted to each other or a legitimate sex scene. Violence and gore deal with fight scenes, abuse, and more.

The Ascendance Trilogy

Age 12+

Content Warning:

0/5 for cursing, 1/5 for sexual content, 3/5 for violence/gore.

There are a few kisses described vaguely, though sensually. A war is going on and so there are many deaths and wounds that are described, sometimes in gruesome ways. Sage is beaten at one point.

Blades of Acktar

Age 13+

Content Warning:

1/5 for cursing, 2/5 for sexual content (not including Decree, which is 3/5), 3/5 for violence/gore.

Some characters “swear” but nothing is ever actually said. Other characters come up with harmless and creative substitutes. There are a few couples who do kiss, and the kisses are described innocently enough. An older man tries to force a young woman to marry him. There is a war and many people die and are wounded. Both are described, sometimes in gruesome ways.

Chronicles of Narnia

Age 8+

Content Warning:

0/5 for cursing, 0/5 for sexual content, 1/5 for violence/gore.

There are a few battle scenes, and magic is prevalent.

The Door Within Trilogy

Age 12+

Content Warning:

0/5 for cursing, 1/5 for sexual content, 3/5 for violence/gore.

It is known that two teens are attracted to each other, and there was a slight allusion to another guy being interested in the girl. There are many missions and a war. People die and are wounded. Some of which are described in ways that might be gruesome.

The Folk of the Air series

Age 18+

4/5 for cursing, 5/5 for sexual content, 5/5 for violence/gore.

B*tch, h*ll, d*mn, and variations of s*it are used often. Sexual comments and jokes are common among the faeries, who seem to party often. At one point, Jude is forced to eat a piece of fruit that drugs her and makes her willingly shed her outer clothes (her underwear remains on, though). There is a highly sensual kissing between her and a young man who eventually betrays her. She has sex with another young man, though only passionate kissing and undressing is shown. It is obvious what transpires next, though.

The Harry Potter series

Age 13/14+

2/5 for cursing, 2/5 for sexual content, 3/5 for violence/gore.

A few swears like b*tch (which was used once), d*mn, and bloody h*ll. Especially during their teen years, the characters flirt and kiss. Nothing too graphic, though. The witches and wizards use magic, oftentimes for evil instead of good. There are quite a few deaths, but none are graphic.

Hunger Games

Age 15+

1/5 for cursing, 2/5 for sexual content, 4/5 for violence/gore.

I remember some light cursing (d*mn and h*ll) but I could be wrong. There is a love triangle and multiple kisses between her and two different love interests. A woman strips on an elevator because her dress was too uncomfortable–she is wearing nothing underneath. The Hunger Games are contests where teens have to kill each other any way possible. There is a lot of gore and disturbing deaths.

Ilyon Chronicles

Age 14+

1/5 for cursing, 3/5 for sexual content, 3/5 for violence/gore.

I believe (though it has been awhile since I last read this series) that some characters “curse”, but nothing is ever stated. There quite a few different couples who kiss and embrace, though never in an inappropriate way. Daican’s daughter likes to seduce men, convincing them to sleep with her. This is only ever talked about and never seen. It is known that someone’s mother was raped, but again, it was only ever talked about. Battles are fought, and characters die and are tortured, though nothing is graphic.

The Maze Runner series

Age 15+

3/5 for cursing, 2/5 for sexual content, 4/5 for violence/gore.

The characters have their own swear words, including shuck, shank, slinthead, and klunk. Some of these words are very similar to now-day swears. Some other words like h*ll and d*mmit are used as well. A few kisses happen, and some of the boys make crude remarks when they see a girl for the first time. These books are very gory and violent, with wounds and deaths often being described in gross detail.

The Mistborn series

Age 16+

4/5 for cursing, 4/5 for sexual content, 5/5 for violence/gore.

Words like w**re, b**tard, and d*mn are used somewhat frequently. Lords are allowed to sleep with whatever skaa women they wish, as long as they kill them the next day. One lord, in particular, makes inappropriate comments to his son’s girlfriend. An older man sleeps with an eighteen-year-old girl who has been trying to get him to admit his feelings for her. There is one brief scene where he gets out of a bed that she’s sleeping in as well. The series is also gory, people getting impaled, falling to their deaths, and being tortured.

The Raven Boys: Book One of The Raven Cycle

Age 16+

5/5 for cursing, 4/5 for sexual content, 4/5 for violence/gore.

The biggest thing to worry about with The Raven Boys (and the rest of the series) is language. B*stard, h*ll, a*s, s*it, f*ck, d*mn, and d*ck are all used multiple times. If you’re sensitive to cursing, don’t read. Also, one character has an abusive father. There is a scene where he is shoved down the stairs by him. Two characters are in a relationship, but never do anything more than hold hands, mainly because one character (Blue) is not allowed to kiss anyone, for fear she might kill them. Some sexual banter and crude remarks are thrown around. There are also quite a few fight scenes and scenes that could be considered gory as well.

The Scorpio Races

Age 14+

3/5 for cursing, 2/5 for sexual content, 3/5 for violence/gore.

The biggest issue people might have with this book is the language. It’s mostly milder cursing, like d*mn, but comments to the female anatomy, especially to breasts, are somewhat common. The book is also relatively gory, as it features flesh-eating horses. There’s nothing too graphic, though.

Throne of Glass

Age 15+

3/5 for cursing, 4/5 for sexual content, 3/5 for violence/gore.

Sexual banter is prevalent and used to tease. Words like b*tch, d*mn, and w*ore are used somewhat often. Violence doesn’t play as large of a role as people might expect from a story involving an assassin. There are a few gruesome death scenes, though.