Writing Tips

Building a Following When You’re Virtually Unknown

Hey everyone! Today's post isn't necessarily about writing, but it goes hand-in-hand, especially if you're planning on publishing. When I first considered publishing, I went back and forth on if I should pursue traditional or not. While traditional has a LOT of benefits, I felt self-publishing fit my needs and life, PLUS there's a wonderful… Continue reading Building a Following When You’re Virtually Unknown


Ashlords: A Review

Okay ya'll… This might just be my favorite book of all time. Seriously. And I'll try and write a coherent review without dissolving into fangirl squeals. Basic Plot The Scorpio Races meets Hunger Games, basically. Did I ever mention that both of those are on my lists of favorites? Eleven phoenix riders take part in… Continue reading Ashlords: A Review


The Art of Letting Go: A Poem

Hey all! Happy New Year! December was a crazy month for me, from Christmas, to birthdays, to my entire family getting sick (not fun)! But I'm back to posting, and today I have a special treat! No, the title doesn't give it away at ALL. It's definitely not a poem. Okay, so maybe it is!… Continue reading The Art of Letting Go: A Poem