She Fights It

It's surprising how people can actually enjoy poetry that often doesn't have structure or a clear meaning. I've often wondered why that kind of writing sparks interest in others, and I think I finally understand. Our hidden thoughts, well, they're not structured and not often do they have clear meaning. Our thoughts aren't thought out,… Continue reading She Fights It

My Writing

The Missing, Magical Shoelace: A Short Story

To get away from the rather depressing poetry posts, I've decided to share an excerpt from a short story of mine. It was for a Wattpad contest, and contained some. . . interesting prompts, to say the least. I created a basic cover for it which I'm rather proud of, considering my graphic skills are… Continue reading The Missing, Magical Shoelace: A Short Story

Writing Tips

Just Write!

I'll be honest here, I'm not the patient type. As a writer, that's not a good trait to have. It's the main reason I have yet to finish a full length novel actually. I've always gotten too impatient with how slow the story was going and I'd eventually discard it. Here's a quote I found… Continue reading Just Write!